Introducing the Giancarlo Bodoni, DANGEROUS Collection, a tribute to the rising champion of ADCC 2022. This customizable rash guard embodies the relentless spirit of one of the most impressive performances in grappling history. Relive the unforgettable moments with a personal touch and embrace the ferocity of the champion with every wear.

This rash guard is a work of art, designed for those who demand the best in customization. The creative possibilities are endless with a range of images from the iconic moments of ADCC 2022, combined with personalized touches on the front. The rash guard features a fully sublimated design, allowing for a seamless integration of images and text. The high-quality materials and construction ensure maximum durability for even the most intense training sessions. With endless combinations of images and personalization options, this rash guard is not just a tribute to Giancarlo Bodoni, it is a unique and personal statement of style and strength.